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Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have Ye Any Yoga Mats?

Like Yoga? No? Yeah, me neither. What about cute, cuddly farm animals? Now we’re talkin’! If you’re like me, contorting your body into awkward positions doesn’t sound very appealing, but throw in a goat or two and you might be able to convince me to use my yoga pants for something other than binge watching Netflix. Many of us can agree that animals can be very relaxing and comforting. Like your dog who is always excited to see you or a cuddly cat at the end of a long day. If yoga is said to be relaxing and animals are too then why not combine them into one big ball of relaxation? Don’t you fret, it’s already been created. Animal yoga is a fun solution to relax you while enjoying yourself at the same time.

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