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Goat Yoga Craze: Oregon Yoga Business Goes Viral !!

CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) — Jessie Ryan was ready to move out of her Warrior II pose when she felt a nudge on the back of her leg.

When she turned around, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Quincy, a 1-year-old mini-goat, staring back up at her.

It was the moment Ryan had traveled from Portland to Oregon’s mid-valley to experience: the birthplace of a nation-sweeping craze known as goat yoga.

“How can you not connect with this face?” Ryan asked as Quincy bleated back to her. “You’re in the middle of doing a pose, thinking about how terrible everything is, when a goat comes up and kisses you or steps on your fingers and all that stress goes away. It sounds like something a modern-day Lewis Carroll would write.”

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