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Auto-Immune Diseases SUCK!

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As many of you know, I was diagnosed with an Auto-Immune disease at the beginning of 2016. Because I’ve shared my story with so many around the World I’ve had countless people contact me and share their stories of dealing with their own auto-immune diseases. There are so many different kinds that effect you, in so many different ways. A common issue is trying to find body care products that won’t irritate the skin. Chemicals and perfumes often irritate the skin because you are more sensitive to most things because of your disease.

One of the amazing women that I’ve partnered with was one of the people that contacted me about her disease. At one point she told me she was in the hospital and her organs were shutting down. Fast forward to now, she is building a successful business for herself with the tenacity that only someone has that has had their health taken away. These are the people that put things in perspective and are pushing forward and making things happen because you never know what tomorrow may bring. I wanted to share her story and her amazing products with you.

My name is Cody Zeitner and I’m the founder and owner of Dirty Mama’s Slathers and Scrubs out of Salem Oregon. I started my business somewhat by accident! Having been diagnosed with three autoimmune disorders, my skin was not reacting well to store bought products. I started making my own lotions and scrubs for personal use. After giving some of my products for Christmas gifts, I started getting orders. By March, I was so busy that I decided to do this full time.

All of my products are Vegan, Non-GMO and Organic. I really enjoy using fruit and vegetable powders and other fresh ingredients to nourish skin. So far, I’ve partnered with Goat Yoga, Willamette Valley Vineyards and Eola Hills Vineyards to create custom blends. I’m the proud sponsor of Mrs. Oregon America 2017 and will be providing gifts to all of the contestants for Mrs. America. Being a female small business owner and creating products that I’m proud of has given me a satisfaction that I can’t explain! I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them!

I love this product and I love supporting Women in business. Especially the women who have struggled and continue to struggle with their health, but they still put one foot in front of the other, every single day to share their passion.

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