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Wellness Trends that are Very Popular but Completely Unscientific

Since Goat Yoga started in 2016, we have been focused on the scientific aspect of Goat Therapy. We knew that we needed scientific back-up to support our claims. This is one of the reasons that The Goat Yoga Fund Non-Profit is gearing up.


Goat yoga participants frequently mention their surprise about the calming effects that goats bring them, and the emotional impact of the sessions (not to mention the ‘goat happy hour’ mingling that takes place before and after the sessions).

However, anecdotes don’t suffice for county planners attempting to plug the activity into existing definitions of traditional farm use, or the ordinance and statute surrounding those definitions. Similarly, while there is ample evidence touting the beneficial mental health effects of horses and companion animals, there is no scientific research substantiating the specific beneficial effects of ‘goat therapy.’

TGYF is therefore working to research the effects of goat therapy, the health risks and benefits of goat exposure, and the link of goat therapy to existing definitions of farm use in existing ordinance and statute, allowing goat yoga to thrive nationally*!



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