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Do What You Love or Follow The Money

Lainey Morse Founder of Goat Yoga

Growing up, I had a good understanding of the value of money. My middle class parents always made my family feel we would never go without. They also instilled in me that it takes hard work to make money.

It was this combination that led me to believe that if I work hard enough at something I enjoy, I can make a viable career out of it.

I decided long ago, that if I’m not doing a job I love, it doesn’t matter how good the money seems, I don’t want to pursue it further.

I think it’s obvious that my loyalties lie on the side of the spectrum that yells “do what your love!” But is this good advice?

Most of us are led to believe that money buys happiness. “A degree in arts won’t make you money.” or “Your much better off going into something stable like finance.” Is this all true?

Does money really buy happiness? Are we making a mistake when we decide to follow our passions?


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