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Growing Your Own Food

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Since Goat Yoga is on hold, I figured we’d switch gears. Most of us are holed up in our homes and looking for things to do that will be good for our heads. I’m going to start posting about growing my own food for the first time in my life as well as cooking! I’m new to both things. I’ll admit it’s not something that I’ve enjoyed in my life. I’m the baby of seven kids and by the time I came around my Mom was DONE with cooking. We went out to eat for almost every single meal. This may sound like the best life ever, but I always wished that I’d learned to cook and garden but it never seemed the right time and I always seemed to fill my life with other things that were more important in my eyes. Cooking will be an experiment to see what I can use in my pantry and not have to go to the store to get more ingredients. This could be a real let down just FYI. But it could be the start of something amazing!

Growing Your Own Food

Hopefully you’ll see my meager beginnings blossom into a fruitful garden that I can share with my family and neighbors. Why let that valuable goat yoga goat poop fertilizer go to waste! It’s like black gold for gardens. (So I’ve heard).

Step One: Seeds planted. I googled what is best to plant inside first and ended up planting scallions, two types of onions, a variety of squash, basil, tomatoes and sunflowers.

Step Two: Each packet of seeds has instructions on the back (thank goodness) We’ll see how well I followed them. I’m not usually a very good direction follower! I just wing everything. They are starting to sprout so I think I’m on the right track!

Step Three: Place in a sunny window that gets at least 5-6 hours of sunlight.

Step Four: Water and place the plastic dome thingy over them. I think this keeps them warm and so they germinate. I’m not sure about the watering part. Hopefully I make it past this step!

BONUS TIP: Look in your pantry for potatoes that are starting to sprout. Put 4 toothpicks around the center and place them in a cup of water in a sunny window.

Join the journey and I encourage you to take up something that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do. An International Pandemic is probably the best time to do that! Good luck and stay safe and stay tuned!

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