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Original Goat Yoga- California Helps Local Farm Save 142 Goats From Wildfires

goats rescued from wildfire

According to CNN, more than 650 wildfires, many sparked by lightning, have burned more than 1.25 million acres in the Golden State since August 15. That is more than six times the size of New York City. The fires have left seven people dead and more than 1,400 buildings destroyed, Cal Fire said.

Our newest location in Watsonville California is not new to evacuations.  In 2016, as the fires raged around their Morgan Hill Location they were forced to evacuate as well. Luckily, they were able to provide a helping hand to the farm that they purchase their goats from. Roman and Lucy have 15 goats, 13 came from Curbstone Valley Farm so, they were close and eager to help out.


When the fire hit, the volunteers and owners made three separate runs to get all the animals loaded in trucks and horse trailers. By the third run, the fire was about to hit the farm. They evacuated 142 goats to the local fairgrounds and waited anxiously to see what would happen to their farm. According to the farm owner Clare Staveley, she posted on her Facebook, “the fire clearly ran from the main road, up the driveway, burned down the buck and wether pens, and the hay barn is completely destroyed. However, the main barn, and house are standing. We will know more once we are allowed back in.”  As of this post, the goats and owners of Curbstone Valley Farm are still at the fairgrounds and eager to get back to their life. I am so happy they are safe and sound and that the fire did not take everything away from them thanks to the help of friends and volunteers.

It is times like these that give us hope in a world that seems so dismal now. We need a sense of community when times are tough. We need to know that even during a pandemic, a financial and economic crisis, a wildfire, and the countless other things that are making it tough to navigate life, that we can depend on each other. I am so proud that I have Roman and Lucy as partners. They are the absolute dream team and I am so proud of them.

More about Original Goat Yoga-SF BAY location:

Husband and wife duo, Roman Petres and Lucy Vogel are the owners of Original Goat Yoga SF Bay. My last visit to both of their locations in March of 2020 was impressive to say the least. I flew home just as the country was closing due to COVID and I feel lucky that I was able to visit. Their Morgan Hill location is totally off-grid complete with a water catchment farm, solar and several rentals on the property. Their newest location atop of Mount Madonna in the Santa Cruz Mountains has 360-degree including the Redwood forest and ocean views of Monterey Bay. They have areas set up for their Goat Yoga and Goat Happy Hour events that can’t be beat complete with a Buddhist Temple Cottage rental that fits two as well as a yurt that sits at the very top of the property that fits six. Perfect for that private “pod” experience with your friends and family.

We have plans to provide Goat Happy Hour Retreats in the next month and once we feel it is safe, we will start doing the public goat yoga events again. Stay tuned for more to come from Original Goat Yoga- SF BAY.

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