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Live In Goat Yoga Teacher, Ranch Hand and Retreat Manager Wanted!

COOL JOB ALERT! Do You Love Goats? Are You A Yoga Teacher Looking for A New Amazing Opportunity?

Original Goat Yoga of the greater SF and Monterey Bay areas is hiring a live in yoga teacher who is also competent in customer service, service industry skills and willing to do part time ranch hand work. The position is part time work for now and includes housing. We have been closed since March 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions. We are reopening in a new format that is coronavirus safe. The work may become full time by the end of 2021 or spring of 2022.


-teach and manage goat yoga sessions for 1-10 customers of all physical conditions and ability levels
-teach and manage yoga only sessions for 1-10 customers of all physical conditions and ability levels
-facilitate goat happy hour sessions for 1-10 customers
-assist owner in enforcing current county coronavirus restrictions as needed
-service industry tasks to facilitate goat yoga retreat including cleaning guest yurt and bathroom, laundry, making beds and other guest satisfaction chores with the goal of earning 5 star cleanliness reviews
-assist ranch animal care and associated maintenance including feeding and caring for animals, assisting owner with tasks like mucking stalls, trimming hooves, providing shots and vaccinations
-perform challenging ranch hand activities like weed whacking, digging, gardening, cutting, hauling, building fences etc.
-participate in ranch social media, including taking photographs, uploading to google drive, posting to Instagram, making business appropriate tags and comments
-future work includes larger public events of 20-30 people and off ranch travel events for 15-300+ people, as coronavirus improves
-respond appropriately to all situations, customer service needs and ranch activities with the goal of earning top reviews and facilitating healthy relationships with all kinds of people

Applicant Requirements:
-minimum RYT200 with current teacher insurance
-additional training and experience beyond 200 hours preferred
-ability to handle all types of bodies and physical needs to create healthy and safe yoga experiences on the spot without previous introduction to clients.
-previous customer service and service industry experience, with understanding of the effort it takes to earn top reviews, even when you don’t feel like and you are in a bad mood
-previous experience caring for animals
-previous experience or willingness to learn various animal care activities
-previous experience doing some kind of heavy labor chore that facilitates living, whether as work or hobby
-energy and stamina to do difficult ranch chores in solitude
-either experience or willingness to learn Instagram, how to take good photos for marketing purposes, interacting with customers and fans online in a business appropriate tone

Compensation and Time Requirements:
-housing provided in each exchange for 10 hours of ranch chores per week
-$50 per yurt cleaning, probably 5-10 times per month
-$15 per person laundry, including sheets and towels, up to 6 people per retreat, probably 5-10 times per month
-availability to work up to a few hours per day facilitating sessions, based on reservations and your availability
-20-40% of all goat yoga fees after marketing, negotiated based on experience
-we don’t know what the total will look like currently. In 2019, 20-40% of our fees after marketing would have totaled $15,800-$31,600 per year. We hope to return the business to this level and grow beyond that.
-paid as independent contactor. You will be responsible for paying your own taxes and obtaining health insurance. Owner will show you how we fulfill the tasks, create customer satisfaction and earn top reviews. However, as an IC, you will have the flexibility to adjust the approach based on your own professional judgment, as long as your approach continues to create customer satisfaction and earn the business top reviews, within reason.

Learn More About our Business:

This position includes housing in an 18 ft RV that can accommodate 1-2 people or maybe even 2 people and a small child. Pets ok. High speed internet and water included. Propane and electricity not included. Photographs of inside included in this post.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to sanfrancisco@goatyoga.net. Read the advertisement closely and explain in a few paragraphs why this is the perfect work and living opportunity for you, and how you will meet our expectations. Let us know what else is going on in your life and how this fits together with this unique opportunity. Where are you currently living/working and when are you available to relocate to our ranch? We are planning to reopen in May 2021.

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