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Animal Therapy Can Work Wonders for Your Mental Health—Here’s What to Know About It

Lainey Morse- Founder of Goat Yoga

According to Parade Magazine.…Animal therapy can work wonders! Of course we already knew that, but we’re very happy that more people are getting the word out there!

Recently, as the community of Uvalde, Texas reeled in shock and disbelief at its horrific school shooting, comfort was understandably very hard to find—that is, until a group of “comfort dogs” came with their handlers to provide a calm and cuddly respite. In the last couple of years, you may have seen friends post pictures on Facebook as they participate in “goat yoga” classes. And of course, you have probably directly experienced feelings of peace and stress relief as your dogcat, or another pet rests in your lap or snuggles up alongside you. 

Whether you knew it or not, these are all forms of animal therapy, something that has come about in recent years as an answer for those struggling with their mental health. But what is it exactly? And can it benefit you? READ MORE

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