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6 Unusual Animal Yoga Classes & Why They Will Make You Happy

Man doing yoga with goats

As soon as I saw the first unique animal yoga class on this list I knew I had to share it with you! Two of my favourite things in the world blended together! PUPPIES AND YOGA!!!

Yes, you read that right. Adorable puppies running around yoga classes!

Even better, animal yoga classes aren’t just fun. They are also great for boosting moods and reducing stress levels. Plus, the puppies get to practice socializing before they head to their forever homes.

I have just added this to my bucket list. I’m not sure how much yoga would end up getting done however, my cat is distraction enough. I know I’m not alone in the fact that the moment the yoga mat rolls out my cat immediately wants to play and have cuddles.

Puppy yoga got me wondering what other types of animal yoga are out there that people have thought of. Turns out you can also do yoga with goats, bunny rabbits, cats, on horses, at the aquarium, and in the zoo! What a fun world we live in.

It’s not too far fetching when you think about it. Apart from being a great exercise and relaxation method yoga also helps us tap into our connection with mother earth. Unfortunately, this connection is being rapidly lost due to an increase in city dwelling (O’Haire, 2010). So, why not boost it by adding some fluffy friends? READ MORE

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