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Our District invented GOAT YOGA!! Senate District 8 is the best district. We have the best people. We have the best yoga. We have the best goats. We have the […]

Goat Yoga Brett IPA Release Party!!   Yachats Brewing has collaborated with Claim 52 Brewing and brewed up a Goat Yoga Brett IPA and it is finally ready to be […]

The happy distraction that the World Needs! My friend and I splayed out in the hay holding glasses of red and laughing like we always do together, goats climbing into […]

We agree with People Magazine, Goat Yoga is MAGICAL!! A yoga first, Morse was unsure how yogis would react to having agile and adorable goats prancing around their mats, but […]

Bring a Yoga Mat and an Open Mind. Goats Are Provided. The idea of goat yoga was hatched at a birthday party this spring in Lainey Morse’s backyard here in […]

Thanks for the shout-out from Paste! Doesn’t get much more unique than cute goats frollicking around during your yoga session. A lot of YouTube clips show cats or dogs interrupting […]

Thank you ESPN! And you’re welcome Chicago Cubs fans! The curse of the goat is GONE! See… goats make everything better!!! #goatyoga ESPN featured Goat Yoga Thank you ESPN!! And […]

The secret is OUT! You have got to try Goat Yoga! We may have reached ultimate cuteness, folks: Goat yoga is now a thing, and people are loving it. What […]

Thank you Jennifer Moreland for the great piece on the sensation of Goat Yoga that is sweeping the nation! If you’re not on that Goat Yoga train yet, you’re missing […]

FOX News with the great blurb on Goat Yoga. Making the news one goat at a time! Up to 17,000 people on the waitlist. Do you like yoga? What about […]

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