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Goat Yoga is sweeping the globe. As the Original Goat Yoga, we have been featured on many National and International news organizations such as the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Tonight Show, National Geographic, The New York Times, ESPN and many more. Our website gets over 30,0000 visitors a Month on average.

I get countless people around the World contacting me asking where they can find a Goat Yoga near them. I’d like to bring all the Goat Yoga Businesses together to form the Goat Yoga Network. We’ve started adding Goat Yoga businesses to our LOCATIONS/Directory page and it’s now one of our most popular landing pages. Click HERE: https://goatyoga.net/locations/

The Locations/Directory is where you can list your farm and get noticed! All they have to do is type in their location and the nearest farm offering Goat Yoga will pop up with all of your information. This will be the go-to site for finding Goat Yoga farms across the World.

When you become a member, you become a part of the Goat Yoga community, you become connected with other unique businesses. Take advantage of our affordable packages with three different levels making it affordable for everyone. For More Information Click Here and scroll to the bottom of the page: https://goatyoga.net/directory/

We also will be accepting Licensing applications to be in a Collective Group of Certified Goat Yoga Farms associated with my brand. This includes a mirrored website just like ours that allows you the use of the logo and event scheduling as well as accepting payments on-line. Fore More Information about Licensing click here: https://goatyoga.net/license-agreement/

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