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Are you interested in licensing Original Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga spanned the globe in 2016 and was touted as the best yoga class of all time! We’re excited to branch out nationally and internationally to bring Original Goat Yoga to the World! Interested in opening your own Goat Yoga business? As the creators of Goat Yoga, we have partnered with people throughout the USA to help them farm happiness using their goats and their farm. Licensing our brand ensures that we have processes in place that will make your business run smoothly and successfully.

Why Original Goat Yoga?
Our licensing model might not work for everyone, but it does work great for people who have full-time jobs or kids at home and they just don’t have time to do it all. It’s also perfect for those that aren’t proficient at business, marketing or social media and just want to hold amazing events.

Become an Affiliate
Do you already have your own brand and would like to become an affiliated Premium Farm of Original Goat Yoga? We all work hard at building our own business and we understand that! If licensing is not a good fit for you, we’ve developed a first of it’s kind platform for all things GOAT YOGA! You can list your farm and events with NO CONTRACTS! Our online ticket fees match Eventbrite and you will be in our Private Event Network. We have between 15-30K website visitors a month and we’re always looking for partners to hold private events all over the World!

  Click HERE to fill out our short form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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