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In November, she quit a corporate job she loved to manage the business full-time. If that sounds like a living encapsulation of the popular Twitter hashtag #FollowYourBliss, perhaps it is, but it’s how Morse has always conducted her life — and how the practice came to exist in the first place.

Ten years ago, the outdoors woman from Michigan found herself living in the tan, endless desertscape of Phoenix, Ariz., desperately missing lush greenery, when she saw a glossy photograph of Oregon in a wall calendar.

“It was really mossy and beautiful,” she said. “So I flew into Portland and rented a car” to find a new home. When she rolled into Corvallis, she knew immediately, thinking to herself, “This is where I’m going to live.”

“It was a big leap of faith, and it totally paid off,” she said. “That’s why I named my farm No Regrets Farm.”

The next order of business in warding off regrets was fulfilling her lifelong dream of owning goats.


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