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When Will the Original Goat Yoga Network Resume?

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Good question! We see a lot of goat yoga events resuming across the country since most states have started opening back up in some capacity. This is against any advice from scientists and healthcare professionals. Yet, the economy is taking a hard hit, so everyone is rushing back into it, regardless of any advice from professionals. The goat yoga events I am seeing say they are opening safely and meeting social distancing guidelines yet, I do not see people six feet apart and no masks are worn. I do know that it is a low chance of contracting the virus in an outdoor environment. That is good news and hopefully everyone will be okay.

The health professionals claim that if social distancing is not maintained there will be another wave in the fall and it will be a very dangerous winter. Opening our network is just not a chance I am willing to take now. I would love to be positive and continue and just HOPE that everything will be okay, but the fact of the matter is, the liability of possibly making someone sick instead of happy is weighing on me very heavily. Maybe it is because I have elderly parents that have severe underlying conditions, maybe it is because some of my goat yoga location partners are immune compromised, as I am. You think about it differently if YOU are one of those people that are most susceptible or your family members and friends.

We have a lot of events on hold with hundreds of people waiting to reschedule their classes or private events and I can’t tell them when we can resume our classes and be 100% sure that we can keep them safe. I feel that we need more time to determine what will happen. Will there be a vaccine? Will there be a drop in cases and it just disappears? I certainly hope so. Our locations are eager to resume and see everyone’s smiling faces and hear their laughter. It is not only medicine to our participants, but it is medicine to our location partners as well.

I do hope everyone understands that we want to be cautious because lives are at stake. We have locations around the country that are in small rural communities that may not have one case of COVID-19 in their counties, but the reality is, MOST of our clients are from larger cities or tourists. We do not know where they may be traveling from and that alone is the dangerous part of opening back up. Please be patient with us and we hope that we can resume soon! If you have any comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to me!

Baamaste and Stay Well,

Lainey Morse- Founder (lainey@goatyoga.net)


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