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We are so excited to introduce back into our services Corporate Health & Wellness private events. We bring the farm to you or you bring your office to the farm. In 2019, we were doing events for some of the largest companies and celebrities in the world. Gordan Ramsey, Nike, Google, Facebook and many more. Most of our business came from corporate events and when the pandemic hit, we closed down all of our ten locations all over the USA. We have been struggling to survive the past two years and we hope we can make up for lost ground.

We now estimate there are over 500 goat yoga businesses all over the world and a 10+ million dollar a year industry. It’s no longer just a viral trend, but a new industry that is focused on improving the mental health of our clients.

If you’re group is looking for something that is unique, memorable and therapeutic, we’ve got you covered! This Saturday marks the first day that every single one of our locations is available for public classes and private events!

Contact us today for a customized quote and thank you to everyone for your support over the years!

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