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Autism and Animal Expert Dissects Animal Experiences

An animal behaviorist and prominent author shared her story on how autism allows her to perceive the world the way animals do as a part of Iowa State’s Lectures Series.

Temple Grandin, an animal science professor at Colorado State University, presented her lecture Thursday night in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

“Animals live in a sensory-based world,” Grandin said. “You want to understand animals? You need to get away from language.”

Grandin compared the similarity in reactions between animals and people with autism when faced with sudden new experiences. Grandin said animals are only attracted to new objects or experiences when they can approach them on their own terms. When a new object or experience is being forced upon them, the only reaction will be fear, which could then lead to negative associations.

“Make it a good experience so that you can avoid a lot of dangerous situations in the future,” Grandin said. READ MORE

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