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How to Cultivate, Maintain, Regain Mental Well-Being- Harvard

Baby goat yoga on the Quad last summer, an HMS wellness activity. Image: Rick Groleau

The U.S. is facing an unprecedented mental health crisis that is affecting people of all ages, according to a White House briefing. In response, organizations and institutions across the nation, including Harvard University and Harvard Medical School, are working to find answers and offer resources.

The University last year launched its We’re All Human campaign to help students and continues to provide an array of resources for faculty and staff. HMS also has robust well-being resources available for students.

So how are we doing? How can we maintain mental wellness — or regain it if we’ve hit a rough spot?

Experts say that first, we can acknowledge that it’s OK to not be perfectly OK all of the time. If we’re struggling from life’s stressors, we can all benefit from knowing that we’re not alone. And since more and more people are talking about it, we can look to each other for support and for input on how to take care of ourselves.

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