No- we provide a special yoga mat that the goats can’t destroy.

No refunds unless the class is canceled due to weather.

It is an all-skills level Vinyasa yoga.

No. Some people just like to sit on their mat and snuggle goats.

No. Unless they want to pay for the class as well since we cap each session at 30 people to ensure that there is the perfect goat to human ratio and everyone gets goat time.

I have 5 mini goats (Nigerian Dwarf) which when full grown are around 30-40 lbs. I also have 3 Boer goats.

6 of my 8 goats are rescues.

The Goat Yoga class is 30 minutes and that is followed by Goat Happy Hour. Student Goat Yoga and Kids Goat Yoga are 30 minutes of Yoga and 30 minutes of Goat Happy (half) Hour.

No. Will they nibble at your zippers/buttons? Yes, but they’ve never destroyed anything. They’ve also never headbutted a human before. They just want to be pet and cuddled.

My Yoga Instructor, Heather Davis, was at my farm for a kids birthday party that I had auctioned off to a charity. She was in the field with the goats and said… “You should let me have a class here”. Thus..Goat Yoga was born! Thank you Heather!

Goats have small pellets, and from time to time they do poop on your mat. It’s not messy and all you have to do is shake off your mat. It doesn’t happen all that often, but it does happen. We have to remember they are not dogs or cats but farm animals and they’re just doing their thing.

No. The goats are not forced to stand on your back or do tricks. Our classes are not a required performance for them. The goats genuinely just prefer to be by humans and all they really want is to be pet and receive affection.

Yes. The focus of this class is not just to take pictures for Instagram. The focus is to combine nature, goats and yoga in order to disconnect with the stresses of life. Combining those three things is very therapeutic and works as a happy distraction from whatever you may be going through, whether that be depression, stress, disease, disabilities or anything.

Yes. We provide private events for team building for businesses, bachelorette parties, birthdays etc.

There are times when the media will come out to film an event. You are under no obligation to be filmed. Each class is required to sign a media release form.

Goat Happy Hour is the hour following the class where you get to snuggle goats, take goat selfies and have some fun with yoga poses alongside goats! I call it Goat Happy Hour because that’s how everyone leaves HAPPY! Student and Kids Goat Yoga classes do not include alcohol. Goat Yoga & Wine Tasting at the vineyard does include wine!

No. Most of the websites selling tags for “therapy” animals are a sales tool for the company. Therapy animals do not need to be certified. You can read more about that in the About section of my website as well as learn more about the difference between Service Animals and Therapy Animals.

No. My Yoga Instructor is my main instructor and she hires out her guest instructors in case she can’t do the class.

The nearest Airport is Eugene which is 35 miles from Corvallis but it tends to be a little more expensive to fly into. Portland is 95 miles from Corvallis.

Yes, there are several hotels, B&B’s, rental cabins and campgrounds.

Kids need to be 13 years old to attend a regular event. No kids at the Goat Yoga & Wine Tasting Event. I do have Kids Goat Yoga throughout the Summer.

Students and Faculty may attend the Student classes. You must present a valid Student/Faculty ID at the time of class. If you do not have an ID you will not receive the discount and will be required to pay the additional $10 for the class. Students may also bring their parents. Student discounts are only available for the special Student classes during the week.

No, the goats will be free to wander and snuggle up next to you.