We GOAT Some Great Reviews

Such a unique and one-of-a-kind experience! It’s a fun, easy to follow yoga class with a bunch of silly goats who jump on you! It’s such a fun way to spend an afternoon. There is the possibility of “accidents” on you or your yoga mat but people are on hand to help if that happens. Would definitely recommend.

- Emily

Go! Thrilling to play the game of maintaining the peace and calm normally associated with yoga against the cute overload and thrill of having goats roaming and jumping on your back.

- Richard

Amazing experience! Super friendly people and animals. Even with a large group, these hosts made it a special experience for all! Lots of time for photos plus great yoga was had. Very personable service and genuine love for the work. Can’t wait to return someday... all the way from Alaska!

- Nicole

Amazing hour and a half with these guys! The goats are adorable and the staff is amazing. Super laid back and relaxing and fun. 100% recommended!

- Danny

SO MUCH FUN!!! The yoga session was great but the giggle therapy with goats was even better. This was a unique, special experience to share with my daughter after lugging boxes to move her out of her dorm. We needed the stretch, joy and special back adjustment and laughter provided by the goats climbing on our backs. We also very much enjoyed interacting with the horses, chicken, chicks and dog there on the land. We would do this again in a heartbeat. What a wonderful memory! Thank you!

- Jenny

This experience was a lot of fun! My girlfriend and I visited from California and we don't have anything like this around us. Before class, they mention that you are not obligated to do yoga. You can just stand around and record/take pictures (like i did). There are some poses that the goats love and will make them jump on your back for a good amount of time! We will be sure do this again once we go back to Oregon. Tucker is the GOAT!!

- Adam

Super fun experience of belly laughs, goat hoof back massage and lovely yoga stretch. I highly recommend goat yoga to everyone - no matter your comfort with yoga (or barnyard animals). We all were made to feel welcome and who doesn’t love snuggling with a goat!?

- Rachel