What’s Up Northwest!

How to Plan a Goat Yoga Weekend!! In January of this year, one of my best gal pals tagged me in a Facebook post about Goat Yoga in Oregon. Knowing full well I like to try out the most random things life can throw at me, I jumped at the chance and tried to sign […]

It’s Almost Our Birthday!

Goat Yoga is Almost 1 Year Old! On August 13th, 2016, we had our very first Goat Yoga event in the back of my field. Now, fast forward to now and you’ll most likely find a Goat Yoga class near you! The World was longing for a sense of calm, happiness and something positive in […]

How this Seattle Woman Used Goat Yoga as a Happy Distraction!

Before & After Breast Surgery!! I was already saying, “Life is Short.” After my dad passed you better believe I was truly soul searching and then breast cancer was handed to me. At this point I just want to be working on everything that makes me happy in both my heart and body. If a […]

Kristi Does PDX..AND Goat Yoga!

Yes- Goat Yoga is a thing and I did it!! A few weeks ago, my best friend and I loaded up the car and drove to Corvallis to spend an hour doing yoga in a tent with bunch of adorable baby goats. It was weird, sweet and surprisingly relaxing. Read More

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