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Health Benefits of Goat Yoga

What Are the Health and Wellness Benefits of Goat Yoga?!!

We all know by now that yoga is a great way to exercise—especially for those of us who want to be more relaxed and learn how to seek inner peace. The latest craze in novelty yoga practices is goat yoga, which may come as a surprise to a lot of people. You might be wondering: how can goats enhance any form of exercise, let alone calm, relaxing yoga?

The truth is, animals that love to interact with people, like goats, can actually provide us with many health benefits. Research into animal therapy suggests that animals can help humans increase their longevity and can even reduce symptoms of conditions that are brought on by stress. If you are eager to learn more about goat yoga and the ways it may benefit your health, you should first understand the advantages of practicing yoga and of being around animals.

Health Benefits of Yoga

With so many new health studies being published every year, it can be a challenge to know how to combat certain symptoms when we know very little about common diseases that afflict us. However, yoga is a form of exercise that has countless benefits, making it one of the most reliable treatments for people with a wide range of diseases. And with the help of an animal friend like a goat, yoga can increase your overall fitness in a fun, nourishing way.

Yoga is also a great practice that brings mindfulness and a sense of calm to your busy life as a result of its cardiovascular benefits. Lowering your blood pressure and improving your lipid profiles are two cardiovascular benefits from yoga that lead to stress-relief. Over time, yoga can assist you in building a positive body image and in being more in control of your life.

Adding a Goat to the Mix

By engaging in yoga, you will be geared up to receive all of these benefits that come with the practice, and adding a goat to the equation will only further boost the advantages. There are many positives to having a therapy pet, and while exercising with a goat won’t necessarily make the animal your long-term pet, it will still grant you the same therapeutic effects. The act of petting or being near goats will produce an automatic relaxation response.

Furthermore, there are many mental benefits of practicing yoga with goats nearby, as the animals will lift your spirit, lessen any feelings of sadness or grief, and enhance communication. During yoga, all of these mental benefits will further enhance the outcome of your practice. Plus, goats are carefree, kind-hearted animals that are sure to motivate you to smile and similarly feel at ease.

Knowing all of the health advantages to practicing yoga—and the additional advantages that stem from having a goat nearby while you practice—you can improve your self-esteem, happiness, and overall health by engaging in goat yoga.

Written by our guest author: Jane Sandwood

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