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Heather Davis Started it All.

If Heather Davis would have never attended the birthday party that I auctioned off for charity…the World would not be enjoying Goat Yoga. She really is the person that inspired the idea of doing Yoga out in nature, surrounded by goats.

Heather leads a breath-focused, playful class inspired by her love of animals. Her quick smile and genuine presence encourages students to honor themselves exactly as they are. Her friends describe her as grounded, calm, authentic and empowering. Many of the people that come to our class have never even tried yoga before. Heather makes sure to make the class comfortable for everyone. It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Heather teaches at our Corvallis and Monmouth locations only so we hope you’ll book a class with her!

When not teaching, you can usually find her at home in the country with her husband, 3 kids, crazy dog, cats and chickens.

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