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Boost Hormone Levels: Get Your Yoga Pose Up

Healthy hormone levels are key to a good quality of life. When they are low, you are likely to suffer from the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance including depression, anxiety, poor libido, mood disorders as well as physical changes such as insomnia, difficulty sleeping and hot flashes among others. One way to boost hormone levels is to indulge in yoga, but not just any type of yoga.

A variation of the practice that is making waves is called the Goat Yoga. Goat yoga incorporates animal therapy where yogis exercise and meditate in the presence of goats. It is a novel way of fusing the healing benefits of yoga and goat therapy.

Yoga Improves the Functioning of the Endocrine System

Hormones and their function in our bodies are complex. They act as chemical messengers inside your body working through the bloodstream. Hormones perform different jobs such as reproduction, growth, metabolism and sexual energy.

If you are experiencing hormonal imbalances, then you must know that the symptoms are uncomfortable. To understand how this happens, know that the endocrine glands are responsible for producing hormones in the body that perform different functions. When the endocrine system is not working properly, you will likely experience its side effects as well as the symptoms of certain disorders, the most common of which are fatigue and weakness. However, the major cause of a hormonal imbalance is lifestyle practices. Rarely is it caused by a tumor growth in the endocrine glands. Failure to manage stress, unhealthy diets and environmental factors all affect hormonal balance.

One of the ways to boost hormone levels naturally is through goat yoga. It is great for relieving stress as every move you make, whether posing or balancing affects the endocrine glands. However, note that the kind of poses you make produce different impacts. Doing those that reduce stress in the body (corpse or child pose) is the type that corrects hormonal imbalances. ‘Make you feel’ good neuroreceptors are also stimulated contributing to an overall well-being.

Regulated Hormone Levels Enhances Quality of Life

The practice of yoga helps you relax and stay calm. You are also aware of your body helping you eat better. The quality of sleep is also enhanced reducing the number of sleepless nights when you would just toss and turn around in the dark. Diets are improved for good health because of mindful eating. In short, the overall quality of life is improved when you do yoga by correcting the hormonal imbalance. Specific yoga poses enhance the functioning of the endocrine system and at the same time encourages proper breathing techniques that would teach you to better cope with environmental stressors.

Doing yoga does not only correct hormonal imbalances that could affect your body. It also contributes to better health and good lifestyle by reducing stress and improving diets.- Jane Sandwood, Guest Author

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