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Introducing…The Goatel

When the pandemic hit, I put my goat yoga business on hold out of caution. Our tagline is “Farming Happiness” and I didn’t want it to change to “Farming Sickness”. I had to think of what I could do to adjust to this new normal and survive. It didn’t take long to realize that I’m very lucky to live in a beautiful spot surrounded by 360 degree stunning views and the most loving animals imaginable. I pictured couples that were both working remotely in a small home or apartment and just needed space to focus. Artists that just need to be able to think creatively without also listening to their partners ZOOM conference. Parents who were wondering how they could possibly make online school fun for their child while sitting at the kitchen table. Thus…The Goatel Day Stay was born. We remodeled an old chicken coop that was on the property and used as many free and recycled materials as possible. In the future, I’ll be adding a retro-style camper for overnight stays, but in the meantime, day stays it is!
Are you working remotely and need space and a change of scenery? The Goatel Day Stay has amazing views and is perfect for up to 2 people. It includes WIFI, a pot of coffee or tea and outlets for plugging in your phone or laptop. We also include your new employees which are 2 pig receptionists, 12 goat office assistants and 3 dog supervisors. The office is heated on cold days and we have a fenced enclosed area around the office, perfect for a picnic lunch on a sunny day.
The Goatel is located at No Regrets Farm & Sanctuary in the beautiful valley of Bellfountain Oregon and owned by the Founder of Original Goat Yoga, Lainey Morse and partner Sean Scorvo. The farm has stunning 360-degree views of the Southern Willamette Valley with the Pacific Ocean less than an hour away. There are many wineries and breweries within a few miles of the farm and Corvallis and Eugene are just a 25 minute drive.
Contact Lainey Morse for availability. lainey@goatyoga.net

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