Why Goat Yoga is More Than Just a Fad

The happy distractions and joy provided by goats helped Original Goat Yoga’s founder cope with difficult times  Unexpectedly, goats were also the reason for goat yoga’s surprising longevity. The naysayers that predicted goat yoga would be a fad on par with pet rocks and mood rings have been more quiet after several years of goat […]

Up(ward) Goat Yoga- Eugene Weekly

Oregon law prevents us from saying “namaste” with goats! When Lainey Morse originated the idea of combining goats and yoga, she had no idea her small Oregon farm would be the topic of worldwide sensation. And yet, after her first class, people from all over the country signed up to practice their stretches on yoga […]

What’s Up Northwest!

How to Plan a Goat Yoga Weekend!! In January of this year, one of my best gal pals tagged me in a Facebook post about Goat Yoga in Oregon. Knowing full well I like to try out the most random things life can throw at me, I jumped at the chance and tried to sign […]

It’s Almost Our Birthday!

Goat Yoga is Almost 1 Year Old! On August 13th, 2016, we had our very first Goat Yoga event in the back of my field. Now, fast forward to now and you’ll most likely find a Goat Yoga class near you! The World was longing for a sense of calm, happiness and something positive in […]

Kristi Does PDX..AND Goat Yoga!

Yes- Goat Yoga is a thing and I did it!! A few weeks ago, my best friend and I loaded up the car and drove to Corvallis to spend an hour doing yoga in a tent with bunch of adorable baby goats. It was weird, sweet and surprisingly relaxing. Read More

National Geographic Short Film

See Why These Cute Little Goats Are the Latest Yoga Craze!! Oregon farm owner Lainey Morse can always depend on her pet goats to bring a smile to her face. After going through some personal difficulties, she started Goat Yoga to share her beloved animals with others in need of a little love and laughter. […]

Goat Yoga Featured in TIME/ Money Magazine

Goat Yoga’ Classes Are Now Selling Out Across the Country! No kidding: The new goat yoga craze is selling out classes everywhere from Ohio to Arizona. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the adorable concept—in which participants practice yoga while tiny goats amble around and sometimes cuddle with them, or hop on their backs—was born in Oregon. It was […]

ABC News- Reports LIVE from Oregon!

Goat yoga is the latest trend and it’s here to Namaste !! Have you ever taken a yoga class? How about a class where goats are strolling around and interacting with the yogis? That’s what happens in Willamette Valley, Oregon, where Lainey Morse started goat yoga classes in August 2016. Morse said a goat therapy […]

Oh Canada….Winnipeg Free Press Does the Downward Goat!

Channelling your inner goat If goat yoga sounds like something out of a Portlandia sketch, you’re not far off: the goat yoga craze began in Oregon. Lainey Morse, the owner of No Regrets Farm in Albany, Ore., began offering yoga classes with her eight goats. By January, numerous media outlets from the Washington Times to […]

Goat Yoga & Wine Tasting a Huge Hit Reports The Oregonian

Even TV stars like Rebecca Romijn love Oregon’s goat yoga!! Celebrities, they’re just like us…they like to do their yoga in the mid-Willamette Valley, surrounded by a herd of goats. On Saturday, stars of the TNT show “The Librarians,” which films in Portland, Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth, took a trip to Monmouth to participate […]

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