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Why Goats?

People Often Ask…”Why Goats and not Bunnies or…?”

If you’ve never been around a therapy goat before, the instant you are, you feel a sense of calm. The way they walk, the way they graze, the way they look into your eyes and oddly enough…the way they chew their cud. It’s very methodical, like they go into a deep meditation and there is no distracting them and it’s oddly relaxing to watch.
Goats are also very mischievous so they make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine! They have herd mentality and accept and love every human into their herd no matter religion, politics, race, or sex. That’s a hard quality to find these days. All of these qualities help improve mental health. When you have anxiety, it’s hard to settle the brain. For me and for many others, just getting out in nature boosts your mood and motivation. It’s a bonus if animals are involved because they have so much to offer.
If you ever want to experience the power of the goat, hop on my website and find a location near you. Each location offers a different experience and style, but we all have that main focus which is helping to improve the mental health of others using nature and animals.
To learn more about Goat Therapy ⇒  https://goatyoga.net/

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