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I think we can all agree, after the past several years what we used to think was important has shifted considerably. We are no longer willing to work a job that we’re miserable at, we’re no longer satisfied living in a location that sucks the life out of you. I meet a lot of people that are traveling and when they come to the farm for Goat Yoga & Goat Happy Hour Events, they are people on fact finding missions to see if they could move and do something else with their lives. Traveling all over the USA to sample diverse cultures and scenery. The same exact thing that I did 20 years ago when I was miserable living in Arizona.

I was so worried that we would not survive the pandemic, financially, mentally, or physically. One thing I did know for certain was at the tail end of all this…people would need to get outside, with loving animals and just be in nature and try and heal. Animal therapy is so powerful and I’m hopeful that we can grow this movement throughout the world where we love the animals, and they are a therapy rather than using them for food. Offering these services is a win-win-win. A win for the animals as they are loved at every interaction. A win for the client who is smiling from ear to ear soaking in the animal therapy. A win for the goat farmer who lights up whenever they see how their animals make people smile so hard!

As the Founder of Goat Yoga, who knew that this could happen, it’s still hard to believe. Going viral changed my life and now I feel like I was put on this earth to make sure that goat therapy is a thing. If you are interested in hearing more about how to license our brand, or just partner with us and keep your own brand! I’d love to hear from you. You can fill out an intake form HERE.



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