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This Is the Best Skill for Starting a Side Hustle-TIME Magazine

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For many Americans, a side hustle is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have to deal with inflation and other financial challenges.

“If you do not first see yourself as successful, you will run your business into the ground, and that is why you must have your mindset correct first,” she says. “Before I understood the power of my own mindset, things were very chaotic.”

Mindset isn’t just about the money; it’s also key for generating and sustaining energy as you navigate the choppy waters of entrepreneurship, says Lainey Morse, founder of Goat Yoga, a company that offers animal therapy and wellness experiences.

“The pandemic disrupted all our lives; it’s important to focus on your mental health,” she says. “We’ve all been through a traumatic experience with COVID-19 and making sure that you are in a good place to build a business is your #1 priority. My business focuses on improving the mental health of our clients. if I was not in a good place myself, it would be very hard to market or grow my business.” -Lainey Morse READ MORE

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