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Start Your Own Agritainment Business!

The past few years have been tough on the whole world financially and mentally. Many are looking for a side hustle to bring in extra revenue. As farming the land becomes more difficult to earn a living unless you have hundreds of acres, the rural community has been turning to agritainment. What is agritainment?

“Agritainment” is simply providing an opportunity for entertainment in an agricultural setting. Visitors or customers can provide a wide range of revenue-generating opportunities for farms. Agritainment creates the opportunity to entice visitors to your farm, provide education about agriculture, and increase your overall profits. Nationally more than 50,000 farms with farm receipts of nearly $1 billion reported at least a portion of their income as coming from agritainment.

In 2016, the viral phenomenon  of Goat Yoga exploded all over the world. Lainey Morse, Founder of Goat Yoga had captured lightning in a bottle. Most things that go viral have a short shelf life, but for Goat Yoga, it continues to gain in popularity and more and more businesses are popping up all over the world. Why? After what we’ve been through the past few years, being outdoors with animals and getting exercise has proven that it’s therapeutic and good for our mental health. It has also proven that it can bring in extra revenue for rural family farms  just by using what they already have! Their land and animals.

Interested in opening your own agritainment business? We have partnered with people throughout the USA to help them “farm happiness” via their goats/animals. Licensing our brand and know-how ensures that processes are in place to make your business run smoothly and successfully.

Our licensing model is designed for people who just don’t have time to do it all. It’s also perfect for those that aren’t proficient in business, marketing or social media and just want to hold amazing events. Our brand automatically ties you into years of positive press, search engine optimization, and a respected brand.

Contact us today to see if your farm could be the next agritainment business!


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