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As we are approaching our 6 year Anniversary as of August 13th, 2022…I have come to the conclusion that Goat Yoga is not just a viral fad, but a new health & wellness activity that is good for the mind, body and soul. So many told me that this would only last 15-minutes and quitting my corporate job was a big mistake. Not only was it NOT a mistake…it has changed not only my life, but the many people around the world who either run their own goat yoga business or have attended a class. We are proud to have built a new industry in the health & wellness community and are tagline “Farming Happiness” is always our focus not only for the humans, but the goats love all the love and attention as well. Since goat yoga went viral, we have continuously been in the media every single day since that first article in Modern Farmer in 2016. Here is the latest article I found that I’d like to share.


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