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Lainey’s Light-The Need For Connection

I’ve always loved having a unique name. My parents had me late in life and my mom was so excited to have me after nine years of thinking they were all done. My dad on the other hand wouldn’t speak to my mom for a week after finding out she was pregnant. Like it was all HER fault, but in the end, I was deemed their “happy mistake”.  The meaning of the name Lainey is a Bright; shining light and since I was the baby of a family of seven, I wore that crown high. I thought it would be fitting if I started a new blog series called “Lainey’s Light”. I have so many ideas, thoughts and stories and I feel the need to share them with the world to help spread light on things I see as important or helpful.

In the past few year’s things have changed, not only for me, but the entire world. I lost my mom in 2021. My partner Sean got sick and was bed-ridden at one point and has since been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Our finances took a big hit for both of us through the pandemic and I wasn’t sure if my business would survive. There have been so many nights where I lay awake wondering, will I lose the farm and the love of my life? Living with a chronic illness myself made the road much more difficult. If it wasn’t for the connection with my animal family, my light would have been a dim flicker.

I feel like now, more than ever is the time that I need to shine my bright light. The bright light of what nature and animals can do for your mind, body, and soul. I feel like I was born to make sure that goat therapy is a “thing”. Just as equine therapy is so helpful to so many people. Do you know what they give horses as therapy? GOATS! Goats help calm the horses down and offer them companionship.

I am an equal opportunity animal-lover and feel that there are so many animals that can be the natural “medicine” that humans need. Dogs, Cats, Goats, Horses, Chickens, Pigs, Cows…etc. It’s all about getting outdoors and being around loving animals. It’s about listening to the wind, the leaves rustling, the birds singing, the goats chewing their cud, the cat purring, the chickens scratching…whatever it might be, you need to connect with it. It’s all about finding that connection. When you do, it helps you disconnect from mental health issues, chronic pain or whatever else may be distracting you from living a life that is full and free of worry.

The past few years have really created a disconnect from society, from our friends, family and have even destroyed relationships. I’ve experienced this firsthand with my family and friends and I’ve seen it effect so many others. That’s why the connection with nature and animals is so important now more than ever. These animals don’t see race, religion, or politics. They see love, connection, and companionship. The humans benefit not only physically from this connection, but mentally as well.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of pet ownership, I found an article from Harvard that is interesting. They talk about dogs, but you know you can insert whatever animals give you that happy distraction. READ MORE

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