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Life-changing goat yoga experiences await you at these charming locations.-USA TODAY

At a goat yoga class, it doesn’t matter if you know how to do any yoga poses. But you had better enjoy goats. The playful critters are likely to head-butt you in downward dog or hop on your back in plank.

It may seem gimmicky, but goat yoga has deep meaning. Lainey Morse, the founder of Original Goat Yoga (OGY), was going through hard times when she realized her pet goats made her feel much better. She wanted to bring this feeling to others. Goat yoga was born in 2016. Now, OGY’s mission is to provide a joyful experience that improves mental and physical health through the healing powers of nature and animals. Additionally, OGY aims to boost the economic development of rural households and family farms worldwide through agritourism.

Here are a few locations Morse recommends for the best goat yoga experiences. READ MORE

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