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Goat Yoga: New Fitness Craze Hits People, Animals Around the World A new fitness craze is sweeping over yoginis: goat yoga. It sounds strange, but it’s a legitimate new way […]

The Goat Yoga craze: Mid-valley business knows what it’s like to ‘go viral’ Jessie Ryan was ready to move out of her Warrior II pose when she felt a nudge […]

After a VERY LONG, WET & RAINY Winter here in Oregon, the wait is over. I sent out the dates to everyone on the wait list last month and gave […]

We did yoga with goats in Oregon and now you can too On Monday, Lainey Morse’s famous Goat Yoga had its inaugural class of 2017 at the Hanson Country Inn […]

‘Goat yoga’ hits Europe: Trying out asanas in an Amsterdam hay barn Brenda Bood, whose Uncle Willem and Aunt Corine own Ridammerhoeve and its 220 goats, realised the family were […]

The latest from Oregon: Yoga — with goats Cherie Twohy, a participant, wrote of the class, “I’ve had a rough couple of years, and this put a smile on my […]

Yoga With Goats: Oregon Farm Offers Classes With Cuddly Animals “My goats are very social and friendly animals and love to interact with people,” Morse wrote to the site in […]

9 Of The Weirdest & Most Wonderful Types Of Yogas There’s no denying our love of yoga. Spice up your routine by trying some alternative asanas with these niche and […]

What’s the Deal With Goat Yoga and Animal-Focused Workouts? Launched in mid-2016, it didn’t take long for the class to take over the Internet, landing press mentions in the New […]

Goat Yoga Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, And We Can’t Wait To Try It. Who says you can’t combine the things that you love the most? Originally from Michigan, […]

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