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Our District invented GOAT YOGA!! Senate District 8 is the best district. We have the best people. We have the best yoga. We have the best goats. We have the best beer. Read More

Goat Yoga Brett IPA Release Party!!   Yachats Brewing has collaborated with Claim 52 Brewing and brewed up a Goat Yoga Brett IPA and it is finally ready to be released into the wild. It is now on tap at the tasting room at both breweries! If you can’t make it out to Yachats or […]

The happy distraction that the World Needs! My friend and I splayed out in the hay holding glasses of red and laughing like we always do together, goats climbing into our laps. It was a pocket of magic in a dark time.   Read More  

We agree with People Magazine, Goat Yoga is MAGICAL!! A yoga first, Morse was unsure how yogis would react to having agile and adorable goats prancing around their mats, but she had nothing to worry about. The class was a huge hit, with people driving over a 100 miles to attend.   Read More

Bring a Yoga Mat and an Open Mind. Goats Are Provided. The idea of goat yoga was hatched at a birthday party this spring in Lainey Morse’s backyard here in this agricultural community about 70 miles south of Portland. A bunch of 6-year-olds were partying with the young goats — “kids and kids,” the party […]

Thanks for the shout-out from Paste! Doesn’t get much more unique than cute goats frollicking around during your yoga session. A lot of YouTube clips show cats or dogs interrupting yoga practices, but how many times have you had an adorable baby goat jump on your back during child’s pose? Lainey Morse’s Goat Yoga might […]

Thank you ESPN! And you’re welcome Chicago Cubs fans! The curse of the goat is GONE! See… goats make everything better!!! #goatyoga ESPN featured Goat Yoga Thank you ESPN!! And you're welcome Chicago Cubs fans! The curse of the goat is GONE! See…goats make everything better!!! #goatyoga Posted by Goat Yoga on Wednesday, January 18, […]

The secret is OUT! You have got to try Goat Yoga! We may have reached ultimate cuteness, folks: Goat yoga is now a thing, and people are loving it. What some may call the perfect union of nature and fitness, goat yoga involves classic yoga flows, goat cuddling, and (we assume) a smile on every […]

Thank you Jennifer Moreland for the great piece on the sensation of Goat Yoga that is sweeping the nation! If you’re not on that Goat Yoga train yet, you’re missing out! #goatyoga Lainey Morse was at a changing point in her life. She had been diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune disease, gone through a divorce, […]

FOX News with the great blurb on Goat Yoga. Making the news one goat at a time! Up to 17,000 people on the waitlist. Do you like yoga? What about baby goats? Well, one woman has put them together to create Goat Yoga– and the mash up has turned into such a hit that there’s […]

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