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It’s Almost Our Birthday!

Goat Yoga Birthday Celebration

Goat Yoga is Almost 1 Year Old!

On August 13th, 2016, we had our very first Goat Yoga event in the back of my field. Now, fast forward to now and you’ll most likely find a Goat Yoga class near you! The World was longing for a sense of calm, happiness and something positive in the midst of the most angry political climate I’ve ever seen. The news was so negative and it was hard to even read or watch.

Enter- Goat Yoga! It provided a happy distraction for the World at a moment when everyone needed it most! We’ve come a long ways in a very short amount of time. Some thought we would just be a viral trend that would go away quickly. Not only was that not true, Goat Yoga took the World by storm and considering how the idea has spread, it’s not going away! In fact, it’s growing in numbers by the day. I can’t even keep track of all the Google Alerts I get that announce a new farm that is offering Goat Yoga. Never in a million years did we think that the reach would be this big and go this far.

Making the World happy is not a bad gig to have and we feel lucky every single day! We’ve got fun plans for our Birthday Month and we hope you’ll come celebrate with us!

We’ll be giving YOU presents for our Birthday!!! We’re going to be giving away one FREE class at every class, the whole Month of August! Everyone who books tickets for an August class will have a chance to win. At every class we’ll raffle off the free ticket plus lots of Goat Yoga Swag!! Book your tickets HERE: https://goatyoga.net/events/

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