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That said, it was also a year of inter-species peace and harmony, at least when it comes to yoga classes. You can get cat yoga, baby goat yoga, and just in time for the holidays, reindeer yoga. READ MORE

Simone Biles doing goat yoga

A goat and the G.O.A.T. Your favorite gymnast is back at it again—only this time, she’s on a yoga mat, not a tumbling one. In a photo posted to her Instagram, Simone Biles is seen lying on a yoga mat while a goat stands on her back, sticking out its tongue as a crowd of people captures the cute […]

Josh Fritchey- Private Event Coordinator

Looking for the best way to entertain a special group of friends or coworkers?  Original Goat Yoga™ private events are sure to be remembered and talked about for years to come.  Whether you want to drive to our location partner’s farm, or you want the farm to come to you, our full-time Event Coordinator, Josh,  […]

Since Goat Yoga started in 2016, we have been focused on the scientific aspect of Goat Therapy. We knew that we needed scientific back-up to support our claims. This is one of the reasons that The Goat Yoga Fund Non-Profit is gearing up. THE MISSION OF THE GOAT YOGA FUND Goat yoga participants frequently mention […]

Lainey Morse, Founder of Goat Yoga

Lainey Morse knows first-hand what it’s like to need an outlet to de-stress and get centered. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease three years ago that literally stopped her in her tracks: both physically and emotionally. She thought she would have to go on disability because some days she couldn’t even get out of […]

Society19 Checks out GOAT YOGA While it may not be the ideal workout for someone looking to get their body in shape, it may be the perfect workout for someone looking to destress and get their mind in shape! READ MORE

Goat Happy Hour

Be Still, Be Calm, Be Present In a world that is so fast tracked, its difficult at times to just be still, be present and be calm. We started our YouTube Channel shortly after launching our new found experience called Original Goat Yoga® & Goat Happy Hour®. We wanted to share with the world the […]

Original Goat Yoga

The joy of goat yoga, ‘raisins’ and all. “I’d arrived at the park feeling excited but skeptical. My cynical side snarked that a $30 goat yoga class sounded like something for wealthy suburbanites with curated Instagram feeds and too much time on their hands. But the moment the baby goats came running toward us, all […]

Lainey Morse’s office has no desk. Her colleagues stand on hooves. They have coarse fur. And they love to eat — everything from shirtsleeves to maple leaves. Morse started Original Goat Yoga more than three years ago. The animals nuzzle participants and occasionally cuddle with them as they stretch. In the last two years, Morse’s creation has gone […]

There’s a reason teachers get summers off. After spending the year juggling everyone’s needs but their own, teachers need time off to relax and recharge. Some teachers spend their summers reading, napping, or spending quality time with family. But maybe you want to try something different or more adventurous. Here are some creative activities for […]

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