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Channelling your inner goat If goat yoga sounds like something out of a Portlandia sketch, you’re not far off: the goat yoga craze began in Oregon. Lainey Morse, the owner of No Regrets Farm in Albany, Ore., began offering yoga classes with her eight goats. By January, numerous media outlets from the Washington Times to […]

Even TV stars like Rebecca Romijn love Oregon’s goat yoga!! Celebrities, they’re just like us…they like to do their yoga in the mid-Willamette Valley, surrounded by a herd of goats. On Saturday, stars of the TNT show “The Librarians,” which films in Portland, Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth, took a trip to Monmouth to participate […]

Welcome to Oregon- The Birthplace of Goat Yoga!! Welcome to Oregon, the birthplace of goat yoga. Goat yoga founder Lainey Morse holds sessions at the Hanson Country Inn in Corvallis, Ore. First, there was yoga, then “Yoga with Cats,” and now, there’s “Yoga with Goats.” Videos of baby goats climbing on giggling yogis have been […]

Get Your Goat: Local entrepreneur creates unique new way to do yoga!! If someone were to tell you they were going to attend a goat yoga class, you would probably have a few different reactions. First, you might look at that person with the same expression you would as if they had just told you […]

You Can Now Do Yoga With Goats!! The G.O.A.T. of fitness trends is Goat Yoga. It’s exercise in which your biggest challenge isn’t physical. It’s mental. Can you listen to the instructor if there is a baby goat jumping up and down on your back? CNN reports that Lainey Morse of Albany, Oregon, started Goat […]

This brilliant new fitness craze combines yoga and baby goats!! Goats and yoga: Two unrelated things that seemingly would not go well together yet somehow they do. In a stroke of luck the genius concept for Goat Yoga was conceived on Lainey Morse’s little farm in Oregon. Morse was hosting a children’s birthday party, when […]

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Downward-facing goat anyone? MORE tries Goat Yoga!! Leave it to an Oregonian to bring “Goat Yoga” into the world. But does this new workout trend live up to all the hype? Read More

We’re Not Kidding: Goat Yoga Is A Thing & We Couldn’t Be Happier You know when you’re doing yoga, but you feel there’s something missing, and you realize that something is goats? It’s a tale that has plagued mankind since the very beginning. But it is a tale that will be told no more, because […]

Goat Yoga Craze: Oregon Yoga Business Goes Viral !! CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) — Jessie Ryan was ready to move out of her Warrior II pose when she felt a nudge on the back of her leg. When she turned around, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Quincy, a 1-year-old mini-goat, staring back up […]

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Goat yoga is a real thing (and it’s really cute) There are many studies out there that show how much humans benefit from having animals in their lives. They calm us and make us happy. There’s even evidence that people with pets live longer lives. There are also many studies showing the benefits of regular […]

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