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In August of 2016, Goat Yoga was born on a farm in Albany Oregon. We really thought we’d only do a few classes as a novelty item, but boy were we wrong! The universe had other plans and now there are over 500 goat yoga businesses all over the world! It succeeded for a reason […]

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As soon as I saw the first unique animal yoga class on this list I knew I had to share it with you! Two of my favourite things in the world blended together! PUPPIES AND YOGA!!! Yes, you read that right. Adorable puppies running around yoga classes! Even better, animal yoga classes aren’t just fun. […]

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For many Americans, a side hustle is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have to deal with inflation and other financial challenges. “If you do not first see yourself as successful, you will run your business into the ground, and that is why you must have your mindset correct first,” she says. “Before I understood the power […]

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Erwin Wils – Mindset and Business Strategist   The “Profitable Passion Program ™” empowers female and tech entrepreneurs to boost their business and themselves, so that they can confidently deliver their added value to the world, without feeling like an imposter. This interview is with Lainey Morse, the Founder of Original Goat Yoga, Goat Happy Hour […]

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Although it sounds strange, we can guarantee that you will be smiling the entire time throughout the class, as you won’t be able to take your eyes off every adorable creature in the room. READ MORE

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According to Parade Magazine.…Animal therapy can work wonders! Of course we already knew that, but we’re very happy that more people are getting the word out there! Recently, as the community of Uvalde, Texas reeled in shock and disbelief at its horrific school shooting, comfort was understandably very hard to find—that is, until a group of “comfort dogs” came […]

Our location in New Castle is centrally located in the state of Kentucky. Flat Rock Farm is a family farm owned by Kathy Wolpert and is 45 minutes for Lousiville, an hour from Lexington and Cincinnati. It not only offers GOAT YOGA, but Goat Happy Hour Farm Experiences where you can not only bond with […]

Our location in Cedar Point Illinois is the perfect family friendly venue and perfect for tourists. It not only offers GOAT YOGA, but something for everyone! Cedar Creek Ranch is owned by Paul Williams and resides on 60+ acres of heavily wooded areas, creek crossings and fields. The scenery is stunning and it’s conveniently located […]

The naysayers that predicted goat yoga would be a fad on par with pet rocks and mood rings have been more quiet after several years of goat yoga’s explosive growth, increasing popularity, and its use as a foundation of agritourism. While the draw for family farmers and rural households to hold goat yoga events has been […]

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